Controversial actor Tornado, real name, Emil Gerald Wood has opened up about how he feels about Tema. The Afia Schwarzenegger TV series star was speaking to in an exclusive interview when we caught up with him at Tyron’s Pub in Community 9.


Tornado was his usual controversial and affable self as he talked on a lot of interesting issues. Famous also for the 32 piercings on his face, Tornado, a Ga from James Town, Accra, believes it’s about time the people of Tema stop being hypocritical. He believes that city’s fortunes will change for the better if the people rid themselves of hypocrisy, unite and assist in building the city.


“I don’t see Tema to be unique. Why because we don’t help each other. It’s all about this hypocritical attitude I’m talking about. Some people see me to be weird, all because I am me. I don’t pretend. Obiara ho ne ho.” “If you go to Kumasi, they love and respect their celebs. But the story is different here in Tema. Even if you are the president’s son, they will pretend they don’t know you. In Tema, it is all hypocrisy, I have said it.” He added.


He bemoaned the fact the people of Tema do not hype and show love to celebrities and entertainers who represents the city. ‘In Ghana, some people are hypocrites. Sometimes, I see some of my own colleagues and some pretend they don’t know me. I don’t know whether they are terrified of me and even if they are, I wonder what they are terrified of. I wouldn’t even say terrified because………..I don’t know what………….But, I don’t give a damn. It’s up to them. But, I don’t need an explanation from them.’ He continued.


Tornado further revealed that he is in working on reopening his pub, Tornado’s Pub and Karaoke located around Imperial Peking Restaurant in Community 9. He also talked about the soon to be released movie “in 6 months” in which he played a part together with fellow Tema star, the beautiful TV personality and actress, Selly Galley.